Kampala, Uganda. Ruth is an example of the success that can come from applying the principles of the MBS program, no matter where you are in the world. She has seen the 6P’s of business improve and grow her chicken business in many ways. Like all entrepreneurs, she started small, but now her business regularly houses over 2000 chickens and is constantly growing. Ruth shared with us how two specific principles she learned from the MBS program have helped her improve her business.

  1. Paperwork: Keeping records is one of the important principles learned in the MBS course. Ruth says that as her business grows, she is careful to stay up-to-date with her income and expense logs. Because they have been so successful, they were able to help support a local friend through school. She graduated in accounting and is now working full-time keeping these financial records for Ruth.
  2. Product: When talking about what sets her business apart from her competition, Ruth says “the quality of our products is our number one promotion highlight. Whoever buys from us can’t go anywhere else.” Evidently, Ruth is aware of her customers and her competition and because of that, she has been able to create a product that exceeds expectation.

Beyond the success of the business itself, Ruth and her team have been acting as mentors to a local church youth group, seeking to establish their own chicken business. They have offered support, partnership, and training as these young entrepreneurs financed and learned how to use new tools and products to create a successful business. With such encouragement, they are now ready to start making money. 

They have not been without challenges and setbacks, but by maintaining their vision and working hard to overcome difficulty, Ruth and her family have been successful in moving towards prosperity and self-reliance.